Professional Laser and Digital Printing Solutions

GCC Overview


Founded in 1989, GCC is a global manufacturing company producing a broad range of quality products including cutting plotters, laser engravers, laser markers, laser cutters, UV-curable inkjet printers, and digital finish equipment for various applications such as signage & advertising, personalization & identification, gifts & promotions, apparel, and electronics industries. Headquartered in Taiwan; through a worldwide network of authorized distributors and branch offices in the United States, Europe, and China, GCC commits to persistently pursue the goal of providing the best performance achievable in technologies, services, and solutions, to meet customers’ needs.


“Innovation” appears to be the focal subject of conversation that concerns the majority of our industry at present. However, in GCC, a customer-oriented innovation approach is an aspiration that we are striving to accomplish and actualize. We exert not only to satisfy customers’ needs but also to endeavor to exceed their expectations. We believe that customers attract each other to build an integral customer-centric network that supports our products and services. Based on this notion, to GCC, the purpose and definition of innovation encompass all aspects of corporate-customer interaction, including R&D, sales, marketing, customer service, and more. For everything that we do, our core value is always aimed at one objective, that is, how to better serve our customers. As we acknowledge that customers should always be our first priority; resultantly, the innovation and the peripheral product development fuse together to steer our corporate value; if not, we merely do things in vain, no matter how successful we are.


What we do?

Laser Systems

Gencotech offers a full range of laser engravers and cutters to accommodate all your laser cutting and engraving needs.


UV Printers

Printed on wood using our JF-240 UV printer. This looks great!!


Vinyl Cutters

Gencotech offers a full range of vinyl cutters to satisfy all your various vinyl cutting needs.


Our mission


“Innovation with a human touch” – the GCC slogan conveys our business philosophy perfectly. Blending with the state-of-the-art research & development resources, GCC has developed a philosophy that consists of a strong technological foundation, coupled with a customer-oriented product development focus that truly reflects market requirements. GCC values each customer with individualistic consideration and appreciation. This mentality is the basis for GCC staff while we make any decisions or design any machines.


Rob Signs

Western- Cape

Beautiful print work done by Rob Signs using the GCC JF-240 UV printer. Stunning work!!

Trophys & Engravers


Using the GCC X252 or Spirit laser systems, jigs gets cut and then transferred to the GCC JF-240UV printer for printing. What a good combination.

PNA Rustenburg

North - West

From printing onto glasses or canvas even pens the applications are just limitless using the GCC UV printers or GCC laser cutters and engravers.

Cards and All


Using our GCC X Series laser cutter this end user makes any womens dream wedding come true.