Acrylic Bending Machines

Manual Acrylic Bending Machine ABM700/1300


A plexiglass bending machine is a useful tool for softening and bending acrylic, organic glass, plexiglass, PVC, pc, ABS, pp sheet into shapes.


A plastic bending machine is widely used in School technical courses, building models, decoration engineering, sign making, display case, market shelves, advertising lightbox, artware making, etc.






It is used to bend arylic for billboard in front of hotel, shop, mall, etc.

Display product

Table Sign

It is used to bend arylic for displaying products such as appliances, mobile phones, cosmetics, magazines, shoes, etc.

It is used to bend arylic to make triangle table signs. Table signs is widely used in conference meetings, hotel front desks agents or buffet settings.


Temperature adjustable

The temperature of infrared tube is ajustable according to different thickness of plastic sheet and max temperature is 600℃。

Water cooling device

Adjustable heating gap 

Water in the tank is pumped to cool the heating tube to prevent it from being overheated and damaged.It ensures fast cooling and increases the life of the machine.

According to different material and thickness of sheet, the gap width can be adjustable.
The range of width is 0-20mm.


Standard configuration

Water pump and plastic tube.

Same bended position

Same bended angle

Adjust the length of the baffle to make the bended position of each acrylic plate the same. This feature can make the product more standardized and make manufacture more convenient.

The angle formed by the baffle and the back of the machine allows the bended angle of each plastic sheet to be the same. This feature can make the product more standardized and make manufacture more convenient.