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About us


The company COLOP SA (PTY) Ltd was formed in 2000 and started trading on the 1 st November 2000, when

Cobus Jerling, left the Silveray Stationery Company, a BIDVEST company and acquiered the rights to distribute the Colop products in South Africa. The distribution was taken over from Chris Tiltman and his Triangle Products in Cape Town. The late Chris Tiltman was instumental in establishing the Colop brand in South Africa, in the 80's and 90's.


Allan Casey's Huntley Brothers in Johannesburg, was an earlier importer of the Colop products. With the establishment of Colop SA, they also supported the Colop brand through the official import channel. In 2009 Colop SA (PTY) Ltd, was replaced with Colop Marking Solutions SA cc.

The company COLOP Stempelerzeugung Skopek GmbH & Co. KG is an independent commercial company which deals with the development, production, assembly, and distribution of modern stamp and marking devices.

COLOP is regarded as one of the region's flagship companies and is a global player within the industry with an export rate of nearly 98 % and more than 130 export markets supplied on a regular basis.


Mobile Printing Device

A new era for mobile printing


The COLOP e-mark makes printing in color directly on any absorbent surface possible, with just a simple sideways swipe of the device.

Our mobile printer is palm-sized, operated by an app, flexible, and portable.

For the cartridge we entered into a cooperation with Hewlett Packard SPS (HP Specialty Printing Systems), to ensure the best possible performance and imprint quality.


The app was developed in-house by our software engineers in Austria. Software updates and improvements are being done continuously to offer users even more features.


As for the areas of application, you name it, the e-mark can assist: organizing, creating, personalizing!


From the professional use in the office, in logistics, and for branding with the COLOP e-mark to the more creative use with the COLOP e-mark create.

The COLOP e-mark was the first mobile printer of its kind to be brought to market in 2019