COLOP Rubber Stamps


COLOP, headquartered in Wels, Austria with affiliated companies across the world, is one of the leading international manufacturers of modern stamps and marking devices.


COLOP operates in three main business areas: in addition to the traditional stamp segment, the electronic-digital marking area was added with the foundation of COLOP Digital, and the creative, gift, and hobby area was included with the foundation of COLOP Arts & Crafts. The company has already been a global leader in the field of classic stamps for many years and has added the other areas in recent years.


COLOP has received great international interest and acclaim with its first digital-electronic product, the innovative mobile printer e-mark, and has already received numerous awards. In the arts & crafts category, COLOP has excelled through creative stamp concepts carried out by its subsidiary, COLOP Arts & Crafts.

Add on products


We also offer extra solutions for your business like;


- Perspex Benders

- Laser Ink to engrave on metals

- Laser rubber to engrave and cut rubber stamps

- Vinyl Racks to store your Vinyl safely

- Paper trimmers to speed up cutting production of vinyl, cardboard, paper, etc.