Manufacturing Base


In 2014, Reci invested 20 million US dollars and built the world's leading high-tech CO2 Laser Tube factory in High-tech Park in Yanjiao. The factory covers an area of 10,000m² with an annual production capacity of CO2 Laser tube reaching up to 200,000 pieces. In 2007, Reci invested 28 million US dollars to build a new factory with an area of 12,000m² to produce fiber lasers. In 2018, Reci has invested 220 million US dollars to build a new industrial park, as the industrial laser manufacturing base in Zhejiang Province. It is estimated that the production capacity will rise more than 10 times than the present.


Product application

01 Non-metallic cutting, marking, and carving 


02 Used in crafts and lamps industries


03 Used in apparel and footwear industries


03 Used in signage and advertising industries



CO₂ Laser Tube - W Series

Reci upgrades and brings CO2 glass laser tube to 3.0 generation. Through the last ten years of development, the CO2 glass laser tube now develops to the third generation. The third generation of laser tube cancels the adjusting screws at both tube ends. Instead, the metal parts are made by high-precise CNC machines. New firing technology is used to join metal parts and glass parts together directly. This new technology makes high stability in W series laser tubes.