Course Introduction


The CorelDRAW Beginners' / Advanced course is planned around teaching delegates the CorelDRAW graphics program.  The course will introduce the program using simple-to-follow exercises to make sure that delegates can confidently apply CorelDRAW graphics to their drawings.


We also teach you how to use Corel effectively with your laser engraver/printer/vinyl cutter. Using a combination of key factors we can easily set up designs and boost production. 


Course Outline


Key outcomes of this course include:

Understanding how to work with different file formats

Introduction to Corel basics

Introduction to Corel techniques

Application of layout, photos, and design


What you will learn?


CorelDraw Training Course

Lesson 1: Introduction

Lesson 2: Creating basic objects

Lesson 3: Manipulating objects

Lesson 4: Working with text

Lesson 5: Aids to accuracy

Lesson 6: Creating complex objects

Lesson 7: Images and clipart

Lesson 8: Effects

Lesson 9: Printing

Lesson 10: Extras

Lesson 11: After Shot

Lesson 12: Photo-Paint


For a full outline please contact or e-mail us for details. 


Course Duration


2 days


Who should attend CorelDraw training?


The CorelDraw Course is suitable for anyone who requires graphic design training. It will allow website developers to create web pages, publishers to create brilliant vector graphics, and graphic designers to reach their full potential in terms of design.

The CorelDraw training course will equip you with the skills needed to produce a broad range of documents in the graphic design trade.

You will learn how to create engaging newsletters and product leaflets, along with compelling adverts and posters.  Creating, formatting and manipulating text and images will become a breeze, while producing sales material for either internal use or for commercial printing will increase your worth as a designer. You will learn how to get the logo's vector-based ready for any Printer or Laser Engraver.

Unleash your creative potential with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2020

Angel of Fire by Rogelio Hernández García (Roy Monster)  Speed Drawing

Angel of Fire by Rogelio Hernández García (Roy Monster)  Speed Drawing

Please note: That the Coreldraw software will always be more affordable to purchase from Gencotech than online..

Corel Training


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